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A complete reference for growing high-yield fruit- and nut-bearing trees.
Title Tree Crops
Category History
Author Joseph Russell Smith
Publisher Island Press
Pub Date 1950
Number of Page 408
ISBN 0933280440
File Name tree-crops-182416.pdf
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Energy Crops

The last few years have seen the concept of bioenergy and biofuels come of age. Rising oil prices have lead to more food Crops being grown for energy as well as food. This has created controversy by adding to the upward pressure on crop commodity pri...

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Industrial Crops And Uses

The demand for plant-based industrial raw materials has increased as well as research into expanding the utility of plants for current and future uses. Plants are renewable, have limited or positive e...

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Genetically Modified Crops

Biotechnology has a significant impact on both medicine and agriculture. With the introduction of new products to the marketplace, the safety of those products is of paramount importance. New safety e...

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Handbook Of Bioenergy Crops

Biomass currently accounts for about fifteen per cent of global primary energy consumption and is playing an increasingly important role in the face of climate change, energy and food security concerns. Handbook of Bioenergy Crops is a unique referen...

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Transgenic Horticultural Crops

As the world debates the risks and benefits of plant biotechnology, the proportion of the global area of transgenic field Crops has increased every year, and the safety and value continues to be demonstrated. Yet, despite the success of transgenic fi...

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Cultivation Of Spice Crops

Spices Constitute An Important Group Of Agricultural Commodities Which, Since Antiquity, Have Been Used For Flavouring Foods. Some Species Are Used In The Pharmaceutical, Perfumery, Cosmetics And Rela...

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Lost Crops Of Africa:

This report is the second in a series of three evaluating underexploited African plant resources that could help broaden and secure Africa's food supply. The volume describes the characteristics of 18 little-known indigenous African vegetables (inclu...

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Fodder Crops And Amenity Grasses

The main role of grasses, clovers and alfalfa in temperate agriculture is still to provide forage for ruminant animals but, in the last decades, the importance of amenity grasses increased markedly and, in the near future, new developments in the are...

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Diseases Of Vegetable Crops In Australia

A diagnostic guide and a key reference for diseases affecting vegetable Crops in Australia. The text is supported by over 190 pages of colour plates.

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Growing Healthy Vegetable Crops

Part of the NOFA Guides. Includes information on: Basic concepts of pest control (host susceptibility, soil health, genetic resistance, ecosystem factors) Practical approaches (crop cultural practices, rescue treatments, special section on mammals an...

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