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Spanish For Social Services: Basic Spanish Series

BASIC SPANISH FOR SOCIAL SERVICES is a career manual designed to serve those in the social services professions who seek basic conversational skills in Spanish. Written for use in two-semester or three-quarter courses, it presents everyday situations...

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Basic Spanish: The Basic Spanish Series

THE BASIC SPANISH SERIES, 2E offers a flexible, concise introduction to Spanish grammar and communication with state-of-the-art online learning tools to better address the needs of today's students and professionals who need a working knowledge of Sp...

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Basic Spanish

Contains lessons on Spanish grammar followed by related exercises, with reading texts that encourage an understanding of the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.

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Spanish For Dummies

Whether you want to take up Spanish from scratch or brush up on your existing skills, this practical, easy-to-follow guide is for you! Inside you'll find helpful lessons, cultural facts, handy references and much more, including a Spanish-English min...

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The Spanish Virgin

A favourite collection of short stories from the revered V. S. Pritchett

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AP SPANISH 2008CD 4장 포함

This up-to-date edition of the Advanced Placement Spanish test preparation manual comes paired with three audio compact discs that offer practice and review in listening comprehension plus Spanish conversation exercises in which students must give sp...

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Spanish Milan

As one of the main European economic, political, and religious centers throughout the late medieval and Renaissance period, Milan is the focus of this long overdue study of one of the crown jewels of the Spanish Empire. Reworking the traditional narr...

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Around The Spanish Peaks

Rising up to 13,623 feet above the plains, the twin Spanish Peaks in southern Colorado have been a beacon to travelers for centuries. Native Americans from the Comanche and Ute tribes pitched their te...

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The Spanish Groom

It started with a ring... Cesar Valverde is the man with everything - wealth, looks and a determinedly single existence. So when Cesar's beloved godfather takes ill and begs him to marry Dixie Robinson, Cesare is sure that a temporary engagement will...

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Alberto Spanish

Siendo Jesuita, Alberto ayudó a destruir iglesias y ministerios. Pero, al leer la Biblia, comprendió que el catolicismo no puede salvar. Esta es la emotiva historia de un sacerdote jesuita que dejó...

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The Art Of Teaching Spanish

The Art of Teaching Spanish explores in-depth the findings of research in second language acquisition (SLA) and other language-related fields and translates those findings into practical pedagogical tools for current -- and future -- Spanish-language...

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Medical Spanish

Designed to assist English-speaking medical personnel with medical history taking and the performance of complete medical examinations on their Spanish-speaking patients.

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Spanish Husband

Seven years ago Caroline had fallen in love--and into bed--with Luiz Vazquez. Thinking he'd betrayed her, she'd fled to England hoping never to see him again. Now, because her father owes money to Luiz, Caroline has had to return to Spain. Receiving ...

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Write It In Spanish

In workbook format: rules of spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and explanations of conventional phrases commonly used in written and spoken Spanish. Tear-out pages can be inserted in student notebooks, or even turned in as homework or test a...

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The Spanish Lake

This work is a history of the Pacific, the ocean that became a theatre of power and conflict shaped by the politics of Europe and the economic background of Spanish America. There could only be a concept of &�the Pacific once the limits and lineame...

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The Spanish Tragedy

The Spanish Tragedy was the first great classic from the Elizabethan period of playwriting, along with Marlowe's Tamburlaine. Set during the 1580s in Spain, England's greatest enemy, for seventy years the play was the most quoted play in English, pro...

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Con Bro! Beginning Spanish

¡Con brío!, Second Edition celebrates the rich diversity of the Spanish-speaking world. This 12-chapter Introductory Spanish program, designed to address the needs and life circumstances of a broad audience, takes a highly practical approach that f...

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The Spanish Prisoner

Despite more than a passing nod to such crowdpleasing classics as Hitchcock's North by Northwest, playwright-turned-independent filmmaker David Mamet's The Spanish Prisoner is a particularly idiosyncratic film that betrays its origin outside the Holl...

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Spanish Now! Level 1

Includes sections on structure, verbs, vocabulary, idioms, reading and listening comprehension, writing and Hispanic culture.

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FDR And The Spanish Civil War

What was the relationship between President Franklin D. Roosevelt, architect of America’s rise to global power, and the 1936–39 Spanish Civil War, which inspired passion and sacrifice, and shaped the road to world war? While many historians have ...

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